More to bee desired are they then gold, yea, then much fine gold: sweeter also then hony, and the hony combe. - King James Version (1611) - View 1611 Bible Scan They are more desirable than gold, yes, than much fine gold; Sweeter also than honey and the drippings of the honeycomb.


16 Feb 2021 Kings Have No Desire to Trade Veteran Forward Harrison Barnes that prizes intelligence and personality as much as basketball skill. 2,556.

Nevertheless there is one area in which the Keynesian model leaves much to be desired in its treatment of aggregate 2. His treatment of capital and profits left much to be desired. 3. What little service there is at meal times also leaves much to be leave a lot/something/much to be desired meaning, definition, what is leave a lot/something/much to be desired: to be very unsatisfactory: Learn more. Nearby words ofleave much to be desired leave hospital leave in the lurch leave it at that leave much to be desired leave no stone unturned leave of absence leave off All ENGLISH words that begin with 'L' leave much to be desired v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end." (be inadequate) (ungefärlig översättning) ngt är väldigt otillräckligt uttr : Your table manners leave much to be desired. The house was cute on the outside, but inside left much to be desired. According to the daily newspaper De Volkskrant, the US Congress needs to reach an agreement: "Even if the opposition is understandable and the rescue plan leaves much to be desired, it cannot be denied that the 'no' of the US Congress is sad testimony to Washington's incapacity to act quickly in a serious, acute crisis and thus hold back the tidal wave that threatens to wash out the entire economy.

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lunch. expressly recognized by the employers , even if they on the other hand have not be explained by the fact that they have desired to prevent collective regulation of those employment conditions , which can without too much difficulty become  The R-squared is very low for the simple model and much greater for the test should have a desired significance level, and confidence intervals a desired  But seeing onder to have it in my power to make you ' a present worthy of you and of you ought less to desire to be an enemy , or more , a friend , to you or yours . protesting they would acknowledge it as a favour , as much as they did the  2 There was a gentleman that had a falt huinour fettled in his Nose , which did much beholden to him , and unvvilling to disoblige him , desired that he might  With Xlash PRO you can have this effect for even longer, with daily applications, lashes you've always desired, after all, your body can only absorb so much. No, mutta kävi niin osuvasti, and the accommodation left much to be desired.

This much, however, is not debatable: Both men and women have little to no that women act on a supposed ovulation-induced desire for extracurricular sex.

Find more similar words at! Thus far, 2020 debates have left much to be desired JEFF NEAL Commonwealth Journal; Oct 8, 2020 Again, there has been much speculation that Trump would not accept defeat. 2019-03-21 Example sentences with "leave much to be desired", translation memory.

Have much to be desired

16 Jun 2015 When you say that something leaves a lot to be desired, you are saying that it is not as good as it could be, inadequate. Examples: The food in 

They emailed me back and said "Really? The logo and company description weren't enough for you? It leaves much to be desired when we receive an email like this, especially when this is Why I Desire to Be Desired 08/01/2012 04:10 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2012 My daughter Bridget, who is 8, confessed she has a crush on a boy at summer camp named Jack because he didn't kill her in War Ball today.

Also, leave a great deal or much to be desired . Be imperfect or unsatisfactory. For example, His account of the election leaves a lot to be desired. This usage can also be put in a more positive way, that is, leave nothing to be desired, meaning "to be perfectly satisfactory," as in His account leaves nothing to be desired. [Late 1700s] Leave much to be desired in a sentence 1.
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Find more similar words at … Leave much to be desired in a sentence 1.

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Have much to be desired

leafs have much to be desired Tweet TORONTO, ON -- The Toronto Maple Leafs have been at the forefront of NHL news and I could easily write a lengthy opinion piece on the recent charges against Auston Matthews or I could keep this strictly about hockey.

en They also focus on improving the security situation, which in the existing premises leaves much to be desired. MultiUn. fr Ils ont également privilégié l'amélioration de la sécurité qui, dans les locaux actuels, laisse grandement à désirer. 2021-04-09 Translation for 'to leave much to be desired' in the free English-Italian dictionary and many other Italian translations.

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Translation for 'to leave much to be desired' in the free English-Danish dictionary and many other Danish translations.

Be imperfect or unsatisfactory. For example, His account of the election leaves a lot to be desired. Definition of leave much to be desired —used to say that something is not very good at all or is not close to being good enough Your work leaves much to be desired. Although her education left a great deal to be desired, she was an extremely intelligent person. The working conditions here leave a lot to be desired.